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the random postings of Anthony Lynch
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anthony-lynch.blogspot.com is where i post now.
25th-Sep-2006 01:33 am(no subject)
Wha' Gwan!

hows everybody doing. me? i'm good
even though the start of the new school year, and the introduction to this MAYA stuff can be a bit over whelming. i'm still smiling.

todays post is some sketchbook drawings i did earlier today. it was a good sesh.

i have a lot of my skectchbook works from over the summer already scanned, i've just gotta pretty them up in photoshop, so expect that soon.

other then that i gotta thank the peeps who read and enjoyed(and laughed out loud with), The Broad Sword Medley.

I'll be doing some next comic work whenever i can fit in the time. School is crazy, and i'll be working a new job soon, but comics is my love, so i'll fit in some time to see her every chance i get. Not to mention i got some ideas i can't wait to execute.

It'll all be in the form of a web comic sooner then you think.
but anyways, enjoy this mind dump onto paper i experienced earlier today..


10th-Sep-2006 11:42 pm - more unfinished ish
Wha gwan

just thought i'd post this naruto pic i did this summer.
this was also supposed to be a print, but i wanted to do more with it then time allowed.
now its here for your viewing pleasure.


6th-Sep-2006 02:26 am(no subject)

the fan expo this weekend went a lot better then expected.

heck! i had lot of fun.

got to draw pretty girls, sell a few comics, play nintendo DS for hours, read naruto, draw, and check out the cute cosplay chicks, play guitar heros, and draw some more.

what more can you ask for, really.

not only that but it was a huge inspiration seeing all the different artists, their styles and how they are presenting themselves. it was definately a good learning experience.

i and just wanted to say thanks to all those who baught(or even read for that matter) my 9 page work of glory.

anyways, here is a sketch i planned on incorperating into a dope shadow of colossus print that never happened.

more to come.

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